Lightroom Creates Promotional video for School, College or University

By August 6, 2017Promotional Video
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Lightroombd Creates Promotional video for School, College or University

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Lightroombd creates promotional video for your institution. To make an affordable promotional video reducing overall costs this video could be the best example on how to plan and shoot the video.

 Concept Development

The idea or concept is the beginning part of any video production project. Reducing the costs of the project is also included in the first point. As far as expensive locations, celebrity actors, exquisite sets are concerned which can be tempting, but all these are costly. There is nothing to be worried about as you don’t always have to use them. You can share your good plan or ideas with us during the concept and planning phase ensuring that it’s not costly. lightroom creates promotional video and the concept development takes at the studio of the lightroom.

Locations and Travel

Basically locations for shooting is vital part because it’s very important to show all information in one frame. We have an expert team working on that part. These are the ways we generally reduce the production costs but any additional location would cost more time for shooting and travelling which has definitely effects on overall costs for the promotional video. Lightroom selects location and travel on its own for the creation of promotional video.

Equipment and Crew

The overall cost will be higher or lower mainly depend on the type of equipment used and the size of crew. You will get desired quality with us of your promo video because most of our team are multi-skilled and can take on several aspects of video production. Lightroom selects equipment and crew according to demand of the client for the creation of promotional video an the own studio of lightroom.

Shoot Length

There exists a very much relationship between shoot length and the amount of locations you shoot in (but not only), which also has an impact on overall costs.

Generally we use 1 day for entire shoot of which half of day spent shooting founder of the college in our studio and rest of the day used for shooting student testimonials and cutaway shots these are the steps we follow.


We didn’t need to hire professional actors or other talent as we have the great content and a great plan. In any promo video especially the institution based video take part which gives an authentic flavor.


One of the components of video production which can increase the cost of the production. The wardrobe source for a school, college or university promotional video is not common, as we try to show staff and students as they are. About the costumes one should always be careful and need to take advice from a video production company.


To produce a promotional video for school, college or university it is vital to look into the concept development, locations, equipment and crew, shoot length, actors and wardrobe and make up. If you keep these components. It is possible to reduce the overall costs if you keep all these elements in mind while working. Other thing which could help to reduce the budget is being informed about what parts constitute a video production budget. Lightroom not creates qualitifull promotional video but also take care of the overall budget and take of everything to reduce the budget.

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